December 27, 1997

BMW's new HPS protects heads from serious injury in side impact crashes

Import automakers plan window curtain airbags for heads

Federal crash studies show severe vehicle damage in fatal side impacts

Graduated licensing has strong support among Nova Scotia parents, teens

Truck reflective material study finds tape U.S. requires may not be best

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November 29, 1997

Special issue: airbags

Rare bird: only a few should get airbag on/off switches

Most shorter drivers can eliminate risk without on/off switches

Kids safer restrained in back in vehicles with and without passenger airbags

Child seats soon may be simpler to place in the back due to fixed attachment points

With on/off switches, some belts may have to be replaced

Hold on unbelted barrier test may be extended, different size dummies used

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October 11, 1997

Higher speed limits mean faster speeds and more highway deaths

Gender fact sheet shows female motor vehicle deaths increasing

Benzodiazepines may increase crash risk among elderly drivers

Institute internet sites have new look and updated content

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August 30, 1997

Saturn's bumpers are stellar compared with other small cars

Intersections can be deadly places for elderly drivers

Leading pedestrian interval signals give pedestrians advantage

Drivers want vehicles with airbags and are aware of airbag injury risks

Most truckers die in single-vehicle crashes, usually rollovers

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July 26, 1997

Special issue: truck driver fatigue

Truckers need more rest, less highway time

Flawed fatigue study doesn’t justify longer road hours for truck drivers

History of hours-of-service rules

Hours-of-service debate divides trucking industry and safety groups

Program exempting medium trucks from logbook regulations could spur violations

Onboard computers should reduce hours-of-service infractions

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May 10, 1997

Luxury car bumpers flunk low-speed impact tests

Bumper performance varies among cars from same automaker

Ignition interlocks deter repeat alcohol driving law violators

North Carolina adopts strong new graduated licensing law

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April 12, 1997

Special issue: head restraints

Cost of whiplash injuries: How much is real? How much fraud?

How bad are they? Only five passenger vehicles have head restraints with good geometry; more than half of the restraints are poor

Head restraint ratings for passenger cars, pickup trucks, utility vehicles, and large vans

Head restraint measuring device, H-point machine

Head restraint design: what’s new now and what’s just around the corner

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March 22, 1997

Alcohol-impaired driving still a problem in United States

Administrative license suspension doesn't affect employment

National Park Service has ignored parkway hazards

Cellular phones quadruple crash risk when in use

Speed cameras reduce crashes with injuries in Norway

Speeds up in two states that raised speed limits

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February 15, 1997

Airbag depowering, deactivation are addressed in comments

Consumers still want airbags in their cars, Institute survey finds

Large truck-car underride crashes undercounted in FARS

North Carolina seeks to raise safety belt use even higher

Driver license points would get nonusers to use belts

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January 11, 1997

Driver education does not lower teenagers' crash rate

European driver ed programs also found insufficient

Crash tests show why airbags are important safety features

Brian O'Neill on the dangers of disconnecting airbags

Liquor stores, bars continue to sell alcohol to young people

Big trucks get airbags

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