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New 'Inside IIHS' video shows how vehicles are prepped for crash tests

ARLINGTON, Va. — A lot goes into preparing a vehicle before it is sent hurtling toward a barrier in an IIHS crash test. A new web video takes viewers through the complex process.

"Inside IIHS: Preparing for a crash test" shows how engineers at the Institute's Vehicle Research Center attend to every detail to ensure a smooth crash test with results that can be easily measured and compared with other vehicles. Everything from the exact position of the seats to the angles of in-vehicle cameras and lights must be adjusted. Fluids are drained from the car, and gasoline is replaced with a purple-dyed solvent to detect leaks.

The video is available on the IIHS YouTube channel and is part of the "Inside IIHS" series. Previous installments have focused on different types of crash tests, crash test dummies, the propulsion system used to power the tests and the Institute's booster seat rating program.

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