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Insurance losses for vehicle damage are worst among sports car models

ARLINGTON, Va. — Sports cars and luxury cars continue to have the worst claims losses among passenger cars for crash damage repairs under insurance collision coverages. Passenger vans have the best loss results. These are the findings of a new study from the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI).

Worst results

The Dodge Viper, a small sports car, has the worst overall collision coverage loss experience among 1997-99 model passenger vehicles. The Viper's average loss payment per insured vehicle year, which reflects both the frequency and size of collision claims, is more than 7 times the average for all cars. Average loss payments per claim exceed $26,000.

"For the fourth year in a row, a sports car has the highest overall vehicle damage, or collision, losses," says Kim Hazelbaker, HLDI senior vice president.

The Audi A8 Quattro, a four-door luxury car, has the second-highest overall collision losses, nearly 3 times the all-passenger-car average. The Audi A6 has the greatest frequency of collision claims.

Of the 21 cars with the highest (worst) overall collision losses, 8 are sports models, 7 are luxury models, 4 are small or mini 2-door models, and 2 are small or midsize 4-door models. All but 6 are imports.

Best results

The Honda Odyssey has the best overall collision losses, with considerably lower average loss payments per claim than the next best car. Of the 20 cars with the lowest average loss payments per insured vehicle year, 14 are passenger vans, 5 are 4-door models, and 1 is a station wagon. All but 1 are domestic.

Vehicle size strongly influences insurance collision coverage losses. Claims for crash damage repairs typically are more frequent for small cars than for large cars. Overall, mini 4-door models have the highest frequency of collision claims, and small sports models have the highest average loss payments per claim.

Results are shown in relative terms, with the value 100 representing the average loss for all passenger cars. Results are presented for passenger cars and separately for pickups, SUVs, and large vans with at least 1,000 insured vehicle years of exposure. The report includes 196 passenger car series and 143 pickup, SUV, and large/cargo van series.

The Highway Loss Data Institute is an affiliate of the Insurance Institute for
Highway Safety.

Best collision losses, 1997-99 passenger cars
Make and seriesModel yearsSize class, body style and typeResults
Relative average loss payment per insured vehicle year
Honda Odyssey99Large passenger van47
Pontiac Montana99Large passenger van55
Chevrolet Astro 4WD97-99Large passenger van57
GMC Safari97-99Large passenger van58
Chevrolet Astro97-99Large passenger van61
Chevrolet Venture97-99Large passenger van63
Mercury Villager99Large passenger van63
Nissan Quest99Large passenger van64
Oldsmobile Silhouette97-99Large passenger van64
Ford Windstar99Large passenger van64
Relative claim frequency
Pontiac Montana99Large passenger van56
Jaguar XK897-99Midsize sports car67
Ford Crown Victoria97-99Very large four-door car67
GMC Safari97-99Large passenger van68
Oldsmobile Silhouette97-99Large passenger van69
Chevrolet Astro97-99Large passenger van69
Mercury Grand Marquis97-99Very large four-door car69
Chevrolet Corvette98-99Small sports convertible70
Chevrolet Venture97-99Large passenger van71
Chevrolet Corvette97-99Small sports car72
Relative average loss payment per claim
Honda Odyssey99Large passenger van50
Ford Windstar99Large passenger van69
Dodge Grand Caravan 4WD97-99Large passenger van70
Audi A6 Quattro98-99Midsize luxury four-door car71
Saab 9-599Midsize four-door car75
Chevrolet Astro 4WD97-99Large passenger van75
Audi A698-99Midsize luxury four-door car76
Chrysler Town & Country97-99Large passenger van76
Toyota Camry97-99Midsize four-door car78
Plymouth Voyager97-99Large passenger van78
Worst collision losses, 1997-99 passenger cars
Make and seriesModel yearsSize class, body style and typeResults
Relative average loss payment per insured vehicle year
Dodge Viper97-99Small sports car724
Audi A8 Quattro97-99Large luxury four-door car296
Porsche 911 Coupe99Small sports car233
Jaguar XJ series97-99Large luxury four-door car222
Hyundai Tiburon97-99Small two-door car210
Lexus SC 300/40097-99Midsize luxury two-door car198
BMW 3 series97-99Midsize luxury two-door car198
Mercedes SL class97-99Small sports convertible190
Jaguar XK897-99Midsize sports convertible185
Jaguar XJ series LWB97-99Very large luxury four-door car178
Relative claim frequency
Audi A698-99Midsize luxury four-door car193
Hyundai Tiburon97-99Small two-door car172
Audi A6 Avant Quattro99Midsize luxury station wagon164
Audi A6 Quattro98-99Midsize luxury four-door car162
Suzuki Esteem97-99Small four-door car156
Kia Sephia98-99Small four-door car148
Mitsubishi Mirage97-99Small two-door car145
Mitsubishi Mirage97-99Small four-door car145
Hyundai Elantra97-99Small four-door car143
Acura Integra97-99Small four-door car139
Relative average loss payment per claim
Dodge Viper97-99Small sports car926
Porsche 911 Coupe99Small sports car256
Chevrolet Corvette98-99Small sports convertible233
Mercedes SL class97-99Small sports convertible225
Audi A8 Quattro97-99Large luxury four-door car225
Chevrolet Corvette97-99Small sports car205
Jaguar XK897-99Midsize sports convertible193
Jaguar XK897-99Midsize sports car191
Mercedes CLK class99Midsize sports convertible184
Porsche 91199Small sports convertible181
LWB = long wheelbase

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